Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shades Of The Night

I wrote this a really long time ago, for the school magazine... just felt like posting it! :)

The Song of Twilight resonates through the atmosphere as the last rays of the proud Sun fade away. A Melancholy of sorts sets in. Cobwebs of Uncertainty gather the earth in all their ethereal frailty. Gloom spreads its tentacles far and wide. Chaos and Confusion slowly begin their onslaught. The shackles of Pessimism trap the mind. The reign of Turmoil has begun. The Night brings with it a vast army, ready to exterminate every Joy, every Security. Darkness envelops the Earth in its black shroud.

The Moon’s silvery beams peek through. Half veiled, releasing the Earth from the clutches of Sadness, dispelling the Shadows that had caged the world. Hope shines through Despair. The world finds Comfort in the spray of stars that illuminate the Heavens. And aloft on silken wings, Dreams reach a new high.