Thursday, July 15, 2010


I've always felt that every word comes from a place. Each sinew of our body is hardwired to say something. Angry words, bitter words, joyful words, passionate words, exhilerated words, dark and twisty words, words that we never actually meant to say, words that we didn't have the heart to use, words that made us feel better just as they rolled off our tongue, words that made everything that much more complicated, words that we just can't help but say, words that made us want to dance, words that bewildered us, words we couldn't possibly hope to hear, words that killed us inside, words that made us feel more alive than we ever believed we could feel..

Whether a single syllable or entire books, words wield an unimaginable power over us. They cry even as our heart bleeds, smile as though our innermost desires have been fulfilled, sing as if they'll never stop, grimace as if shying from all the pain they're trying to hide,weigh down as though the very Earth would collapse under them, burn as though fed by Tartarus, quench as though satisfying a lifetime's thirst, devour as though trying to satiate an eternal hunger..

Sometimes, you just can't seem to find the right ones...